"A proven, cleaner and lower-cost alternative to dangerous cooking fuels."
Scaling Renewable Ethanol for Clean Cooking Fuels
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Sold over 200k clean cookstoves in West Africa.


KIKE Green Cook Stove

The KIKE Green Cook stove has been successfully used in households of all income levels in Kumasi and Accra's capital city, Ghana and widely used in Nigeria. It has been introduced by the Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cook Stoves and adopted by many state and local governments as the preferred stove in over 10 states in Nigeria. The KIKE Green Cook has now logged over two million stove-use-days with an unparalleled safety and performance record. KIKE Green Cook Stove is the chosen stove for West African Women Association of ECOWAS (WAWA) and have been endorsed by UNDP and Bank of Industry (BOI) under the Access to Renewable Energy Facility Project. Was exhibited at the Governor's Pavilion at the Rio +20 Earth Summit in Rio de janeiro where the former Nigerian President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, received it with Excitement, and have also received many international recognition and awards.


Ethanol Cooking Gel

Our proprietary technology makes it economically feasible to convert waste-based biomass into cellulosic ethanol using a combination of thermal, chemical and biochemical techniques. The yield of cellulose ethanol is more than 200 litres per tonne of fibre. Currently, we manufacture 3 package sizes of gel fuel - 0.75 litres, 3 litres and 5 litres. Our feedstock is primarily sawdust. We have run a pilot test on water hyacinth, which has higher cellulose content, with promising results. The technology was developed and is registered with the Nigeria Patent Registry in the name of SMEFunds.


Adding value everywhere we go.

Renewable Feedstock

Water Hyacinth and Waste Sawdust

Full Value Chain

A Proven Model

Driving Down Costs

Leveraging Economies of Scale

Saving the Enviroment

Eliminating Air Pollution from Sawdust

Scalable Technology

Ability to expand across African Markets

Stopping Kerosene Explosions

The Non-Explosive Fuel Agent

Our Model

Renewable, Safe an Clean Bio-Fuels.

  • Feedstock

    Abundant and Renewable Sources

    Our proprietary technology makes it economically feasible to convert biomass into cellulose ethanol using a combination of thermal, chemical and biochemical techniques. The yield of cellulose ethanol is more than 200 litres per tonne of fibre. We use Water Hyacinth and Waste Sawdust for our main sources of feed stock which are both abundant in Western African and require disposal.

  • Green Energy Refinery

    An Agent is Born

    As the foremost energy company providing renewable energy for the poor in West Africa, we plan to build a modern Bio-refinery plant in Nigeria. We plan to scale up production of for both the refining of ethanol and geling. The scale-up will build a large bio-refinery in Lagos that can produce up to 10,000 litres of ethanol per batch. Relating this to the current production rate, this scales to 22 million litres per year at maximum capacity.

  • Distibution Center

    Training for a Better Future

    Success in effective adoption of renewable energy products in a developing nation is market education and effective incentives rather than flooding the market with products that will never be consumed as the cost of marketing, distribution and management of such models will quickly kill the company; therefore it is unsustainable.What we have done having operate in both renewable energy technology development and marketing for more than 5 years is to allow customer-participatory organic growth integration drive the adoption while investing in training, support materials, and incentivizing our Green Entrepreneurs.

  • The Marketplace

    Available in the Local Marketplace

    We decided to segment and rely on a Social One-on-One referral introduction of our products to the customers - we have concentrated on allowing one person to introduce our biogel and stove to another, thereby giving power to the people. Meanwhile, we continue to provide superior support, training and education, incentives and leadership as the organization expands and grows.

  • Clean Cooking

    Safe Meals for the Family

    To date, we have been able to start over 18,000 green businesses with approximately 1,000 tonnes of carbon cut. Over one hundred thousand of homes are using our clean cookstove and ethanol gel for their cooking needs. Our companies founded and operated to support people, planet and profits.

  • Cheap, Safe
    and Clean

Our Team

Our experianced team is one of a kind in Nigerian energy.

Timi Tope Ologunoye


First Class graduate of Banking and Finance with MBA in Financial Management. PhD student of Management (Leadership and Organizational Change) at Walden University, USA. He is a peak performance coach who is currently working on re-thinking leadership for Africa's development.

Femi Oye

Chief Executive Officer

Femi Oye, Renewable Energy Senator, Conference speaker, visionary, Business and Social Entrepreneur. Femi has committed his strengths and resources toward evolving visionary entrepreneurs ending poverty in Africa through the creation of job opportunities, increasing productivity and providing mentorship.

Godfrey Mwindaare


Godfrey Mwindaare has over a decade experience in investment banking, commercial banking and development finance. A First Class Honours degree holder in Mining Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana and an MBA from the
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University of Hull Business School in the UK, specializing in financial management, Godfrey currently sits as the West Africa Director for Acumen where he is jointly responsible for the global portfolio of the organisation with special focus on the new West Africa investments. He is an Associate of Chartered Institute of Bankers (UK).
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Tayo Oguntoyinbo

VP Business & Investment

Tayo moved to GEB as Business Development Manager in 2014 and latter appointed the VP, global Services. With some 8 years’ Cognitive industry experience in Business Administration, Information Management, and Employee Development. A Graduate of
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Economics and bagged her M.Sc in Information Management & Finance from University of Westminster, London; Tayo is a Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA). She is a board member of several SME’s and belong to several International professional bodies.
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Myke Ologunoye

ED Engineering

Myke is an expert in Process design, Production and Distribution. He designed the Demonstration Kit for End Black Out project for GoSolar Africa. Bagged Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management, Innerveil Business Institute (Africa/EMEA).
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A graduate of Business Administration from the University of Lagos. He is also a member of Certified Quality Management Institute, United State. He has over 12 years transformational experience in Marketing/sales. He coordinates the supply chain process of GEB.
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Paul Richards

Chief Technology Expert

Paul brings over 20-year biotechnology industry experience in biomass and Cellulosic. Supporting project and companies across Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. He currently Consults for European Union FP-7 projects on Biogas/Biomass/Biofuels
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working with leading EU research institutes; founder member of EU Bioman biogas project; consulting for various pharmaceutical companies regarding bio catalytic synthesis; currently developing new Horizon 2020 EU proposal for the use of Metagenomics to more accurately characterize anaerobic digestion & new biofuel vectors. Bagged Honours in Applied Biology from Liverpool John Moores University. Head the sales operations for Pharmacy Plc in the UK before joining IBM, UK to support Hospital and Health industries with medical softwares. Paul’s experience also involved Antibiotic Clinical and Neurology Pharmaceutical Liaison across the United Kingdom. He worked with Novo Nordisk (Novozymes) Enzyme industry in charge of UK business and subsequently Western Europe for certain industries (Detergents, textiles, brewing, New Business). Paul joined Green Energy and Biofuels as CTO to lead the biomass/bioprocess optimization effort of the organization into its scale up.
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Tope Adeyemi

Procurement & Engineering

Tope is a graduate of International Relations/Security Studies from the University of Bradford, U.K and has an LL.M in International Law from the University of Aberdeen, U.K. He holds an Advanced International Certificate in Banking Regulatory Risk and Compliance.
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Tope worked with the Royal Bank of Scotland Group at their Scotland Headquarters as a Data Protection Officer, before assuming the role of a Compliance Manager where he advised the Bank’s Retail Executives on Regulatory matters. He joined Gadgas Limited, Nigeria as a Procurement Specialist and managed the procurement process with clients, locally and internationally, including Addax Petroleum and McFarland-Tritan, LLC. Tope is member to several international voluntary organizations and has a passion for the security sector reform through human capacity building.
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